Designated Survivor Korea’s Remix

Who is a fan of political dramas? Not me. I can honestly say I’ve passed over plenty of shows with such premises, especially American ones. I absolutely can’t stand when I have to sit through American propaganda on how they’re amazing and the rest of the world is just evil. Now one drama has made me into a believer. Designated Survivor: 60 days, does the … Continue reading Designated Survivor Korea’s Remix


This is another gently nostalgic movie. A beautiful romantic. I am a sucker for movies based on the past. Everything about these movies scream vintage. The fashion sense, the beautiful landscapes, the subtle romance and oh boy … their handbags. In Brooklyn, the plot follows a young Irish girl, Eilis (played by Saoirse Ronan), who leaves Ireland in order to escape the narrowness and limited … Continue reading BROOKLYN


Heart wrenching. Bittersweet. Heartwarming. Nostalgic. I watched the movie for the first time last week, and I asked myself, why hasn’t anyone recommended this movie before? Why haven’t I ever come across it before? After a long long time, I have watched a really good story. I literally cried (might be a moot point considering I cry at everything and anything), like the whole watery … Continue reading MOVIE SPOTLIGHT – STEEL MAGNOLIAS


There are soooooo many awesome Korean dramas out there, amazing stories, beautiful cinematography, picturesque backgrounds, beautiful interiors and wonderful casts. I tell you, if the story doesn’t hook you then just the pretty backgrounds would keep your eyes glued to the screen. Also, I have binged many other dramas before, but I specifically mentioned these because I could watch these a second and a third … Continue reading 5 KOREAN DRAMAS TO BINGE WATCH ON NETFLIX