My African Self

I am an African, which is what I identify with and would like to be labeled as such.



A Question of Identity

Identity and Labels; Here’s my understanding. Identity is what you associate yourself with being while a label is what you get tagged as by others using certain criteria. Continue reading “My African Self”

Friendship With Opposite Genders?

Some believe spending time with the opposite gender is more than they can handle


Relationships. A connection between two people or more can be between friends, or lovers or coworkers, and others. Continue reading “Friendship With Opposite Genders?”

What We’re… Reading

Reading this book, I do not think I could withstand even a week in the forests


A Way Long Gone

Ishmael Beah. A soldier at the tender age of 12 in Sierra Leone is forced to see more than I can comprehend. He loses his parents during the escape as he hears war is coming to his town. This book written by himself is an account of what he goes through as he tries to survive in a country experiencing civil war.  Continue reading “What We’re… Reading”

Hijab Day

I know most Non-Muslims tag the scarf as hijab but hijab is more than this


On this day, as the Hijab International Day, we choose to talk about this phrase, Hijab, and how the public choose to view it as.  Is it really being used as it should be? We believe not.

Continue reading “Hijab Day”

What We’re… Watching

I have already diagnosed most characters


If you have been reading my posts you know I love to rant. So here goes another one on the “what we are” column. I will be reviewing Riverdale, a series show I am currently following. Continue reading “What We’re… Watching”