Dilemma before the Day

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress, dress impeccably and they remember the woman” -Coco Chanel

Waking up in the morning, such a hassle. Getting all cleaned up is easy. The problem comes

when you are done and have got to start dressing up.Now some would think of outfits the day before or before they even get out of bed. Some would have at least a notion of what they are going for. For me it depends on my mood. Either I know what I am going for, or I decide to think of whatever makes sense later on. Either way it takes time.

During the process, it is either the piece you want to wear does not go with what you chose so you have to make do or you are missing a piece of a certain colour that would complete the piece you have in hand. The headscarf has also got to be the right colour, material and perfect for the weather. You have to put the days’ events in mind to see whether you will be praying at the mosque or not. Shoes are also a factor. Am I walking too much or am I going to dine out or not? Heels or flats? Be it pants or a skirt and you are tired of the tops you have, or a dress and you are exhausted seeing the same pieces each time you open the cupboard, dressing up is not easy.

Everything else after dressing up is simple. Makeup free or not, how many jewellery pieces to wear or should I even wear any today and skip all the hassle for a watch to complete a look. All this takes less time than all that before.

Usually I just opt for casual wear. My life being as hectic as it is what with lectures and deadlines, dressing up does not take up much of my time. As long as I leave decent, have a watch and my bag I am good to go. Except when it comes to a night or day out with my girls do I ever dress up, a date of some sort or the other. Heels and boots come into consideration, I panic as we always do and makeup has got to be on fleek. With my other girls looking good in my definition, only then do we get out. Takes more than an hour but hey, we look good, feel good about how we look and we enjoy ourselves wherever our destination is for that day.

In the end, that is all that matters.

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