Liebster Award nomination

Before I reply to the nomination A BIG THANK YOU SISTER AYESHA from the blog dpressedmuslimah. The nominations are for liebester award and blog-aholic award:

Starting off with liebester Award 
Among the 11 random facts as said by our blog members are:

1. Sincerely expressing myself whenever…not always good

2. I believe cats can understand human language and they are miniature lions

3. Immense love for babies

4. I have a beautiful imagination of germs

5. I love colors in my life. They basically define my day and how it commences

6. I love walking because it calms me and makes me feel closer to nature

7. I read lots of web toons

8. People generally tend to think I’mI’m goody two shoes…but I’m actually very mean

9. I hate socializing

10. As an escape from my rather mundane life, I have a whole cast of imaginary characters in my head…..they have amazing lives

11. I have an obsession with everything Korean
We answered 11 questions too:

1. Yes we are technically bilingual….English and Swahili

2. I am a mess in baking

3. Biggest fear has to be snakes….horrified

4. Navy blue has to be my favorite color

5. Least favorite color is fluorescent yellow

6. I dislike shopping

7. Oh yes loads of camping trips. The food, conversation, stops you make for food and good views make it all the more worth it

8. Weirdest place I fell asleep is under a car in a garage

9. Weirdest thing eaten as a child has to be sugar sandwich and sand

10. Longest time I did not talk…two days beccause I hated everyone

11. Yes, I do keep a journal…always have

Here are the 11 question for all you nominees (have fun answering)

1. Favorite ice cream flavor?

2. What is the best thing that has happened to you this year?

3. What is writing to you?

4. If you had to be anyone in this world who would you be? And why?

5. What could your spirit animal be?

6. Where would your dream honeymoon be?

7. Which country are you from?

8. Pepsi or coke?

9. What are you passionate about?

10. Any talents?

11. Which movie/series would you say has the worst ending?

 Nominated 11 bloggers are:



3. Emrun at

4. Droplets of emaan at

5. AdilaMKarol on

6. Zara writes on

7. Chasing sakina on

8. Borntobeme on

9. The rock in the river at

10. One at a time at

11. Too proud of my roots at 

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