The Grandmother

Haboti is my way of putting my jumbled thoughts together, and try to understand life altogether. It’s the secrets that I’ve hidden, the mistakes I’ve committed, the stories that have left impacts on me, and most importantly… it’s all the lessons learned.

I write short poems, just to try different ways to adapt and accept this reality that we call life.

I’ve never been a bookworm, a writer or into poetry.  These writings are just a disarray of my feelings and thoughts, that I always feel, are

caged in one box banging and fighting to come out from their state of confusion and suffocation. I write in order to channel my thoughts in a medium, just to set them free.

To set myself free.

I don’t really have a specific outward inspiration – but if I were to name one, then I would say that every moment in my life inspires me – Most of what I end up writing is my own experiences and a few from other people’s stories, it could be anything, from a simple video to a situation I witnessed.

I honestly don’t remember when I started, I just remember creating a few lines every now and then in my head, before I decided to write. When I showed some of my writings to a few friends and family, I did not expect them to get inspired or show support.

So I got determined to share, and that’s when I decided to open my @_haboti_ account.

It was very hard for me to find a suitable name for my musings. Until, I figured that maybe my nickname could work. My nickname, HABOTI, which means grandma in Arabic. I was given the nickname by My grandfather ♥ because am his grandmother!  After all, who could be wiser and more inspirational than a grandma?

In 2016 I launched HABOTI. My escape and my reality. And I wanted to share this with everyone as my way of trying to be understood and a way to tell people that they are not alone.

However, I did not know that people would interpret my writings differently. In the beginning, I was shocked. But came to realize that a few words, depending on someone’s circumstances, totally mean something else. Now, many times I like asking people what they understand from a particular poem, and enjoy listening to their interpretation. Especially my sisters.

Here goes one:

She had a voice but was mute,

The stars below her but was in darkness,

With sunrays directed to her but she went cold,

We don’t see,

We need her than she needs us,

She is a fighter,

Fallen to the knees.

Let’s get away together into my world of escape, at Instagram: @_haboti_ and let us share each other’s thoughts. You are always welcome to comment your views, I would love to connect!

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