“Everything is just temporary; Emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it” _Anonymous

I’ve been trying to figure things out and itching to write about this for a long time but I’ve been putting it off because I did not know what to title it. I finally came up with ‘Illusions’ and I thought… Why not?

Every day I see things and I inwardly laugh to myself and at myself for all the things that are happening, and I’m like what are we even doing?

Living our lives like there will always be tomorrow or even the next hour


Stamping our happiness on a piece of paper that disappears from one hand to another. Determining our joy and happiness on a person, or expecting things from people to be perfect while we can’t even reach that level ourselves.

I continue to wonder why we keep on drowning in the world’s illusions, instead of learning how to swim, so we can reach where we’re supposed to be?

A thin thread

“We ignored truths, for temporary happiness…” – Anonymous

… And the truth is that we forget. That we hang on a thin thread. That our thread might break at any time.

We should pray, and not ask for a longer thread life because eventually, it will snap.So instead, we should pray that when we fall, it shouldn’t hurt and that our destination would be a garden of flowers.

We’ve been holding on to this thread, afraid and hurting. There’s never been and probably never will be lasting satisfaction in this world, and it’s hurtful and sad to imagine that we should also die and keep suffering on the other side for eternity, without relief.

Just because we refused to believe that you and I are just hanging on a thin thread… and it will give way to the soul that you never fed.

Feed your soul first…

“We get attached to temporary things, then wonder why our happiness never lasts…” – Anonymous

This is an interim side of our lives. An illusion. Where our true selves are hidden behind our bodies that we’ve chosen to define us.

Except, can’t you see? – It always starts from the inside out, not the other way round.

Never the other way round

You need to feed your soul first, in order for it to reflect on the outside. If only you look closely and see, that your inferiority is an illusion. That what you see on the mirror is an illusion. They created an illusion and they fed it into your soul, and you believed in it.

You do not hate yourself darling, you hate the way that they see you. But it shouldn’t matter if you feed yourself with positivity and kindness and happiness, and the realization that they are all like you, made under one authority, and that is where we will all go back.

Our bodies will end up under the ground, disappearing slowly into trifling bits that they are.

Always find time to decorate and nourish what really matters because your soul is what lives forever… all else is just secondary

Create your illusion… 

“The trouble is, you think you have time” – – Buddha

We always hope tomorrow will bring in inspiration for us, for all the hundred things that we want to do. The problem is, we can’t handle a hundred things and we can’t control the time. We don’t have forever. If you really want to do it with all your heart, you’ve got to do it NOW.

Start praying right now. Start asking for forgiveness right now. Hug your Mother right now. Appreciate what you have right now.

If you want to create something, start right now. Create your illusion and strongly believe in it, but don’t hold on to it. You can create your illusion that matters, your illusion that will touch people’s souls and live on.

However stupid or crazy you think your illusion is, just start with no worries… as this too shall pass.

This is my Illusion…

These are just my thoughts.

I know… It’s always easier said than done, but it helps to know that today I have the chance to try.

One day or the other, or one way or another there will be a time where I will falter. It’s okay, because I am never going to stop trying.

I will keep reminding myself every now and then that when I talk to someone, they are not just faceless shells with a few tints of colors that are different shades than mine. That these people have souls that hurt and hearts that love.

Yet, I’ll keep seeking guidance from Allah (swt) to keep learning that if I walk in this world BELIEVING that HE will always be by my side. I shall not be afraid of my withering illusion. I’ll come to terms with the fact that this illusion WILL come to an end. That this is all just temporary. I can’t get attached to life’s illusions too much that I can’t bear to depart with it. For one day, I will have to.

I’ll keep reminding myself that whatever I’m judging in this world… is just my Illusion. We are all equal.


It scares me how we hold on so tight to our illusions that we forget… The body ages, but the Soul is evergreen.

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