When Single Minds Meet..


14th April – “Black Day”, South Korea’s answer for single people. A day they literally mourn their singleness by

wearing black and eating black food- most popularly Jajangmyeon (Black bean noodles). Where already depressed singles get together to further depress each other by talking about their singlehood. Fun. Obviously, our very single writers had their own two cents to share on this “holiday”


The single life is as good as being free from worry, jealousy, competition, commitment, fights and so on. Honestly, I have been single all my life; reason being relationships are complicated (speaking from what I have seen or heard). Of course having someone to share a special bond with is amazing but do you know how good it feels knowing you didn’t forget to text them goodnight or throw them a birthday surprise! Phew!

Instead of always looking at it negatively, let’s celebrate our singleness. It’s a day we can admit of standing alone yet happy, and let’s not forget to praise our best service offered…..singles give best pieces of advice on relationships, ironic isn’t it?

Here goes to all the men I have rejected, all the girls that thought I was an outcast, all the dating websites I have ignored. SORRY, I am not your typical date.


It’s funny that we’re actually writing about this, for I have never really thought of myself as “single” per say, at least till of late. That status is best suited for those engaged in or open to dating. As someone who’s never dated, “singlehood” is the only status I’m familiar with.

My only qualm with this holiday will have to be the choice of black as the commemorative colour. Why should being single be a cause for mourning or sadness, be it by choice or not, maybe it’s just not the time. After all, good things take time. Plus, I wasn’t going to waste the gorgeous Spring we’ve been experiencing with black. But in the spirit of fun I went ahead and had myself some Jajangmyeon -verdict’s in, being single is quite tasty – Do I sometimes wish I had that significant someone to share those little precious moments in my life with? Yes. Get a little jealous when I see healthy, adorable couples? Definitely yes. The only thing I can do is pray for patience and enjoy the time I have now for just me, and wait for the one who can handle all that is me.


Personally, being single feels like the best time of my years and until I find one who is compatible with me to make it better it will keep being so.

This is the time where I can work on me, and everything cliché that goes with that phrase- put more effort in loving me some more, take myself to dates which are always awesome and successful, create more relations, dedicate my time or most of it to improving myself, empowering myself, believing in me, and focusing on my success. The thought of wanting a partner never fleets through my head unless I am watching a soapy TV show.

This is because I believe finding a partner is not as easy as choosing good tomatoes from the bad ones. I want a person for the long haul, someone worth holding onto and whom I shall cuddle with all the way to our 80’s. but until then, I am taking my time being single while keeping an eye out for one who will fit my box. This is why being single is what I prefer.

Mi hi

Contrary to the purpose, I celebrated Black day. I did not mourn it. It was fun – I got to wear black, eat black food–jajangmyeon -and just seep a little into a different culture.

By doing this I realized that maybe, all single friends should get together on this day every year and just talk about their singleness, not to mourn it but to discuss different views on the topic, buy each other presents and just laugh out loud at the fact that you don’t have anyone waiting on you at home, or someone whom you constantly have to call because you’re stressed that they might be leaving you. Lol. And that maybe it isn’t as bad as you make it be. That maybe if you really look deep inside, you just want a partner because everyone is having one as is the norm.

I admit, sometimes being single can bring you loneliness, especially seeing people receiving presents on valentine’s day and such -Who doesn’t like presents! But then you have to keep reminding yourself that life comes in different phases and everyone’s pattern is different. That you should wait. All things happen for a reason. Do not force it.

You should not be disappointed today just because you’re single, enjoy your singleness now because you never know how much you might miss this ‘only you’ time now; once you are in a relationship later.


From a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad  (s.a.w):

Take advantage of your youth, health, wealth, time and life

This time you have for yourself is precious, spend it wisely before it’s gone. Even with ‘Bae” by your side, you are going to occasionally miss it.

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