Adversity Turned Strength



They say depression is in the mind, that it can be inherited. They say that pills

can help with the situation as they help /alter your minds’ state, even naming them antidepressants

I say it is all hearsay. That pills are there to make patients dependent, a plan to put them on a destructive spiral where they consume more whenever they think they are down.

I say they are a way to increase sales for the drug associations, that they are swaying the patients’ mind deceiving them as they provide ‘help’.

I, who has suffered this state of mind for a while now say that one need not take pills to feel better. One need do more than what they are doing wrong at the moment.  We need to be more appreaciative of the blessings flowing around us, ones we are blind to. Some of us take a knife and start tearing ourselves up. Why? Wasting all those beautiful pints of blood that another needs as they lay in an ICU.

We then also have so much beauty, physically as well as spiritually. Some of us are so caring, so kind and generous, so patient and beautiful- smiles and everything, and here we are sad about something–Something an inconsiderate person said to us, or something that we thought is lacking in us? Why would we fall for any such phrases that generate such melancholy? Do you think there is anybody perfect? From the Knowles, to the Obamas and every other person who is not known by the masses, none of us are perfect. So why allow yourself to dwindle and live in the recesses of your mind, where there is so much darkness? Why not enjoy the beauty outside, the people and what they offer, those worth sharing moments with, our loved ones?

Seek Allah by praying, fasting and making du’a. He is the only cure is my belief especially when it comes to mental illnesses. It is either that, or you get pumped with medications in every other episode when you go to a therapist, wasting your money in the process.

For my part, I went through so much darkness. I grew to become annoyed of the frequency of the episodes. I would just drift into and through the recesses of my mind and tears would start flowing.

It was such a habit that I would expect to cry every month. If a week passed and I had not cried I would be puzzled or surprised. It went on for more than 5 years. Thereafter I grasped my concept for being created. I comprehended that sadness should not be a constant in my life. That we, I, am allowed to make mistakes and perfection should not be key. That being blessed is not a negative thing, especially when the masses are deprived of it. Listening to lectures, reading more on the matter, praying with more khushu and opting for a path of no medications was the manner in which light drove away the tears.

Finding a surah in the Quran- Surah Ad Duha I decided to look outside, to the nature surrounding me. I found a reason to put an honest smile on my face. Now I pray more, look to positive sides, shun the shaytan when it comes to feelings, love me and treasure the people who care about me.

Do not mistake me. I will probably fall again sometime in the near future, but I shall stay in the recesses of my mind no longer than necessary. I shall not dwell on the negatives, rather the positives, and what I have done right so far. I shall take wudhu and do a sunnah prayer to ask for further assistance from Allah who loved me so much to give me the health and the aql to think of a way around getting better without pills, to give me the breath that I possess till today to write this excerpt, to bless me with the awareness that many do not have of seeing beauty in everything no matter how small.

By His will I became better and grew from it in the process. So should I not see this problem as a blessing? Did it not allow me to see people through more ways than one? Did it not allow me to reflect on my actions, how my words could impact others the same way I was when people spoke so raucously towards me, thinking I was cold inside, thinking I could not feel anything, thinking the cold smile I gave was what I felt inside. Should I not then see it as a trial which made me better than if I had allowed it to swallow me up? That I did not need parties or clubbing, drinking or smoking to relieve me from my demons…that I did not need friends who would lead me in making decisions that would have had a much more negative impact now?

After all, did He not say “Verily with hardship is ease”? So is not every trial in disguise, a blessing?

3 thoughts on “Adversity Turned Strength

  1. Mashallah, a very interesting topic. Many people suffer from depression and it is inspiring how you overcame it. May Allah make it so that you always have the strength to overcome it. I followed this blog, please check mine out and follow back. Jazakallah khair.

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