My Viewpoint on Teens’ Lifestyle

teenage-stressThe things a teenager hears covers all aspects of everything from manners to your dressing style. And I know most of the difficulties and expectations they have to meet can sometimes be, unimaginable! Let me list the supposed ways of how a teenager should spend her time in my culture:

  • Always wake up early
  • Never complain of being tired, exhausted or any physical pain
  • When elders ask you to do something, GET UP! Even though you were enjoying your piece of chicken
  • Be more like a robot = always be on stand
  • During conversations with elders, do not disagree! Just nod, ok?
  • If you happen to hear lies about you or anyone close to you, please ignore because they will not listen to an 18 yr. old girl.
  • In situations where you get bombarded with marriage questions never reply with “I am studying”, “I have a job” or “I am not ready”. Accept all suggestions your aunts tell you of.
  • Never sleep before anyone or you might be taken of as lazy. Never sleep late either, it might seem to your grandmother that you are in a haram relationship
  • When you are on your phone but relative talks to you put the phone away of sight! Throw it if you have to!
  • Accept being called fat or skinny because it is now your nickname. Any attempts you make to defend your weight or physical image is as good as trash. You just lack basic human powers to make yourself look “normal”
  • God be with you the day you forget to greet everyone in a gathering of 100 people.

Just to let all the adults know, teens deserve to break, fail and/or slip once in a while because how ever will they rise if they don’t taste the darkness of falling?

It might not occur to most people that teenagers have difficult decisions to make when under pressure but you don’t have to own a car, a house or be feeding a family to have a breaking point. Speaking for most of us I think it’s safe to say school, college, being new in a job, adapting to life changes (like marriage) and taking on the wide social media can be challenging.

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