Sister-In-Law To Be

In most marriages, I mostly hear people speak illy about first, their mother-in-law and then second, their sister-in-law.

The grooms sisters are usually the biggest trouble they say.

I have not experienced it yet. There is no final vote on who is usually at fault, however I believe that it

takes two to tango. After all, we are all human beings and non is perfect.

I had never given much thought of being a sister-in-law really, and I especially never thought that my sister-in-law would be younger than me. I’m nervous. Because I already feel like I should be responsible, and act as an example, to two younger girls (my younger sister and sister in law). But I am also afraid, because I don’t open up to people very easily, and sadly people tend to think of me as cold hearted.

However, I do feel a lot of excitement, of having an addition to our family. Another girl, yay! Us four girls can bully the two men in our lives. More troops!

 I pray to god that she would be able to cope with our madness, and that we would not Scare her. 

I pray and hope, that as a woman, I would be able to understand and help her out. I pray thay I do not turn out like every hated sister-in-law out there. I pray that I would be a friend and family that she can rely on when she needs help. I pray that I would be understanding and not be the kind of person who would point fingers at her, for every little mistake that she makes, and that we would all as a family guide each other.

I pray that I would not let my ego get in the way, and respect the fact that this little girl has left her home, family and everything that she has been familiar with all her life, for my brother, to be able to raise a family with him. That she is his life partner, and the one who would give him company for the rest of his life.

All I can do is pray, that they may be blessed with beautiful little big eyed kids who will call me, habibty (because aunty is so last year) and who I will adore and spoil with all my heart.

I expect to be an amazing sister-in-law -no exceptions.

I shall welcome her with all my heart. My new little sister.

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