Working Parents, An Easy Task?

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So choosing this topic I sit here and wonder how

these amazing parents can juggle all they do and still hold their own. With bills that seem unending, they still find a way to give their offspring a better life quality than they had back then as they go to their 8-5 day or night job. And this dear readers is what our article shall entail.

To start off, the secret lies in prioritizing one’s responsibilities and balancing one’s ability to attend to their duties. Basing this article mostly on the mothers’ part, these extraordinary women have to juggle caring for the husband and giving him the attention he so desires take part of their time and attention to care for the children and being there when they need her without not forgetting her daily job that requires her daily presence- for some of the professions. Waking up in the morning she has to rouse the children and dress them up, wake her husband and take care of him as well as herself and prepare breakfast for the family after. She also has to get to work, thereafter, make it to home before time to prepare for dinner and be there before her husband, oops, i meant family.

The husband as most of us are aware of,  has to get to work and make it home for dinner. Between all this, he pays the bills- water, electricity as well as food expenses and others. In some cultures, he usually has relatives who rely on him for their problems and/or needs. In these little sentences, it could seem like something anyone could do – the bills, breakfast, and the kids. But mind you, when one looks through this situation with a scrutinizing eye the picture in actuality is much more tasking upon its main players.

How so you would ask? Well, the husband as the breadwinner of the family has to compartmentalize wisely, his attention and earnings among himself,  his dear wife and children as well as any payments needed to be made in the house, first and foremost. Well, getting back to our main player, the wife has to be a mother to her children and a wife to her husband. THE

This when further explained further, shows a whole list of duties that she is needed to complete, on a daily basis. Amid all this, she is required not to neglect her own self-care. Usually, being human, not a robot -who remembers everything and finishes tasks set upon it on time- entails that one is forgetful, one is imperfect, one becomes tired and needs recuperating and some loving, among others. But the requirements of the children, as well as the husband not forgetting the job, can be so tasking upon just one body and she has to be her best at it, is what the public says. One obviously cannot be such a being. After all the job eases the pressure of bills her husband has to pay.

So my question to my readers is, is all this worth it? Is the stress she has to undergo really inevitable? Or is it better for her and the family to be a working mom? Children are not as easy to handle more raise. Add that to the fact that the mother is married. In order to feed them or assist her husband in doing so, the job she takes on helps clothe them and reduce purchases or payments laid for the husband to do.

Notice how I left out her making herself a priority at least once in a while. This is because, all this takes on so much of her energy that most of these beautiful women who love their families and much more their husbands, care to the extent of not seeing themselves as important or let us say a priority and end up neglecting this vital part of their lives. Most, don’t see this. A lesser number understand little of this, thinking it is a pre-requisite of theirs. NO. It is not. And people need to understand this is not being feminist nor stubborn. No dear readers, it is actually taking the time to see that they, we, are all human and all need to be gentle toward one another. Only through such displays of love will we be willing, they, be willing to go a step further and do much more from the bottom of their hearts, and ours.

To close off, I think we need to correct or mindsets and see matters from their side of the pitch. Won’t the world be a much better place this way? 

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