The Simplicity


‘Owning less is great. Wanting less is even better.’

For some reason, something just tugged at my heart last Sunday – it just happened. I felt like tears wanted to come out, because of the thing that came to my mind at that time. It shocked me. Because just like that, I realized, that the sun beautifully comes out to greet us every morning, rising slowly to let us know that it’s a brand new beautiful day for you; it tells us – you woke up today. However, I never get to appreciate it, because whenever it rises to greet the world with its light, I have closed my eyes. I am asleep at that time. And when I do wake up, the magic is gone. It just becomes another day.

I keep missing the magic.

Magic happens. And we miss it. Because we think we are too grown up for fairytales. And yet, we keep rushing towards life, every single day, trying to acquire the fairy tale-ish life. To be the happiest of them all, to be the fairest of them all, to get the beautifulest prince/ princess of them all, to have the best castle of them all; with all the gold and the treasures. Our life runs around fairytales; and yet we think it’s stupid and childish. Child, you need a lot of thinking to do.

But I’ve been thinking a lot lately, regarding simplicity. How life would be, if I tried to live with less. Metaphorically speaking; if I tried to take things out of my life baggage –which I do not really need – for it to be easier to carry, instead of getting more bags to accommodate all the stuff that I want. More baggage, means more to carry and less time to be able to move around easily.

I want to teach myself how to want less. To have the simplicity, so that I can appreciate the simple things, and the magic that they create around us.

I want it to be a challenge for me next year – inshallah – and would love if everyone tried living simply even if it’s for six months and see. And then I will write again… I might have a lot to say.

But for now… let’s keep it simple.

’Strive not to get more done, but to have less to do’ –Francine Jay


Book recommendation: The laws of simplicity by John Maeda

You tuber inspiration: Subhi Taha

Blog recommendation on minimalism:

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