Keeping up Healthy Habits?



What is defined as healthy nowadays? Is it eating as much green and leaving out the flaky pieces of chicken or beef? Is it exercising as much as and keeping up a healthy intake of juices and protein?

On my side, I believe that maintaining a healthy diet can be one of the hardest commitments one can adhere to if they have no plan. Then again, one cannot do anything if they have no plan in mind.

And this is my case. I used to jog at the most every day, thereafter taking a healthy dose of breakfast after cleaning up. My diet consisted of healthy doses of protein and starch and as little fats as I could adhere to. I lost the desire to stay on it a while after changing my diet when I found out that my health seemed like it was not getting any better despite it.

The regime I stuck on after that is the want-something-get-it plan. When I wanted juice I found the means of getting a glass of one, be it sugarcane-my favourite, or mango and pineapple. When I wanted a plate of fries on the side with it, then what were we waiting for? Surely not for the world to end in order for you to be preoccupied with everything besides food?

The only segment that I deem healthy in my lifestyle is when I opt to take long walks to nowhere or from wherever so long as I feel I haven’t done anything physically exerting for a while. Sit ups, leg raises, squats. A couple of sets before leaving the house and I am good to go. Although I do feel that I have been slacking and thus this poor plan of a regime nonetheless, I plan to resume jogging at least twice every week. Couple that with eating more greens as well as fruits and of course, water, water, water. That should definitely improve my metabolism. At the least.

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