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The Forty Rules of Love- Elif Shafak

Rumi, a name I had heard of but

never took the time to learn about. Sufism, a term I had come across but never truly knew what it stood for. Love, a feeling that each one of us should be blessed with at least once in our lives. The forty rules of love is a book I bought on a whim, not being familiar with the author or most of the topics it dwells upon. Ironically it’s those topics exactly that drew me to it, figuring what better way to learn than through a highly praised novel. A novel which blends two different worlds separated by time and culture having only one thing in common, the ability to love. It tells the story of Ella, a 40-year-old Jewish woman, who’s only titles are wife and mother, a woman whose life has been somewhat lacking. In an attempt to fill the emptiness she gets a job as an editor for a publishing company, it’s here that she comes across a manuscript depicting the life of 13th century Sufi poet Rumi and his beloved Shams of Tabriz. We journey with Ella as she immerses herself in the lives of these real-life characters and the mysterious author who tells their tale. Through this journey, we learn just how the lessons of centuries ago can lead to the decisions of now.  I could think of no better way to learn about the man tagged as the “Shakespeare of the Muslim world” and the people that surrounded him.

This man to me was not a version of Shakespeare, for his words and poetry were just about love…..love for God.

*Are you familiar with Rumi? Has he served as inspiration or do you his words just resonate in you? Share any of your favourite work by him .

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3 thoughts on “What We’re…..Reading

  1. “This man to me was not a version of Shakespeare, for his words and poetry were just about love…..love for God.”
    Thank God for this. I almost was starting to correct thing up here. But you said it right!
    Because, Maulana Rumi is by far the most misunderstood poet in present times.


    1. LOL. The whole Shakespeare title intrigued me but when I read his work and this book I realised he was talking about a whole different kind of love, which is something people don’t seem to realise or overlook.

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