2017’s Reflections



It’s 2017, shocking! And ending, how fast. How sad. With its leave, we tend to remember all that we attempted to do and succeeded as far as we could. Looking not internally but at ourselves on a global scale.

I feel that what the world, in general, has gotten to is not very pleasing. Starting off with the US elections that we usually focus on, I am positive many were sad to see Obama leave as he was even termed by some as ‘Father’. In Kenya, as we all expected, Uhuru K was re-elected.

Moving to countries which have been experiencing real pain than just worrying about re-elections, we have our Middle Eastern countries at the centre, the Yemenis that just started receiving relief a couple of days ago. Having been starved off for weeks, hurt from civil wars in the country, and not enough of us seem to be even battling our eyelids over it, barely losing our sleep over such dire issues. So long as our bellies are full right? What have our hearts gotten to, thinking of us and only us. Ignoring the poor who ask for money, but when they start thieving we complain? Barely showing any compassion to those less fortunate than us, turning up our noses thinking we are better!

Focusing on others a bit farther from East, being killed and their homes being burnt by amazingly― army of the country they call home. These are none other than the Rohingya Muslims.

Switching to a place closer to home, we have women, children, and young men, a high number of whom are in their teens, being shipped off in Libya. Slavery is back! Or did it ever end? Then again I believe it never did, according to Nujeen’s recants. People are being exported off to countries that support and do not mind sex slavery. Who’s to say there aren’t other forms of slavery still in the works?

So, do the people who possess power think it is worth it to delay relief from entering countries like these? Where do they think their money will end up at? Where do any of us think it will end up at? Do any us expect to be buried with it? Are we being serious about our reality? Do we have to make such serious issues always about religion? Why are some of us so small minded, with such short wavelengths for thoughts?

Can we remove our rose coloured glasses just for a minute? And look at the people dying, look at children crying, see how mothers seek for their lost ones in the rubble, see children desolate, search for food while being unaware of a tank moving around a couple of streets far from it?? Is it possible for us to see beyond the highlights on CNN or Al-Jazeera and reflect on what the news is not focusing on? Do we have to see more deaths for us to make a move toward their relief? What do we have to go through to feel for them, desire to make their lives just a little bit better, help that child who had a smile 8 months ago, but now has not the slightest idea when she will fill her belly.

As for these people with power holding positions, how long do they take to make these decisions? Do they consider the children and women, pregnant or ill, in hospitals and those who cannot afford them, while making these decisions, or do they see them as numbers worth losing in the grand scheme? Are they even a factor as they keep stating that Yemen is housing the Al Qaeda? How would they feel if these same rebel groups moved to their places of residence? Would they bomb out their streets and people just to rid of them? What if the world took a stance against them and opt to bomb them instead because they could not do away with them?

There is more! Ah, what a year… Children were kidnapped, outrageous really! In Nigeria, and married off, raped even. Who do they think they are? Children still dependent, in their teens for their years to be killed off, in a span of a day. Really. These rebels should be done with, I do not see the point of their existence. I do not see any positive change ever since their materializing. All I see is the misuse of whatever religion they are of, and misuse of the psychological power they have upon many. All I see is sorrow upon the afflicted, deaths all around them. Are they blind to what they are doing to the world? Is this change for them? For the better? What better? The prophet saw, would be so disappointed.

Amidst all this, I believe we need to take more action, not by contributing to these silly causes which try to upturn and misuse the Sharia law or those that are against the US while having another agenda completely for their own benefits. I feel, if we do not want to take public stances against what has been happening and would probably escalate for the worse, at least privately, individual to another, try to make the situation better. Whether some of us believe praying is enough, others could opt to donate so that at least smaller relief groups can get to countries that I haven’t even mentioned. Writing this on a blog, I feel, would require a series. For the problem did not just commence, but it sure is escalating.

I close off by beseeching that we need to do so much more, my dear readers. If this were any of us, we would be mourning in disappointment of how the world has abandoned us, most probably what they are feeling.


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