New Years’ Resolutions


It’s the time of the year where some of us tick off the accomplishments of our old year 2017 resolution board, but believe it, dear Readers, that some of us just have it somewhere, lost in our memories. So for a girl who is doomed to forgetfulness above average, I tried to recollect my 2017 new year resolution list and this is what I can tell you.First of all, I know that I had five things on the list, but what exactly, is a little blurry.  The two things that I clearly remember are staying in contact with old friends -this I achieved! (happy dance) and the second was something to do with money saving, haha!! let’s all laugh at my delusion thinking I could save any!

I should be a little worried that I don’t remember my list and that only one of them was ticked off, but I’m not because I had some unseen trials this year which I grew and learned out of them. So, I will not let my lack of following a sticky note full of goals break my spirit. Moreover, why should I not be proud when I started going to the gym ( rarely, but still it counts)? I eat healthy ( broccoli people!) AND I didn’t let my trials put me down for as long.

I congratulate myself, dear Readers, because I rose above all the family hardships, all the academic stress and all the unforgiving expectations.

“You have done well girl!!” This is what I tell my reflection in the mirror and trust me, it’s a confidence booster and pretty cool because I end up making these proud faces to myself.

Try it some time.

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