What We’re… Watching


If you have been reading my posts you knowI love to rant. So here goes another one on the “what we are” column. I will be reviewing Riverdale, a series show I am currently following.First notice how I said currentlyfollowing because soon I might just leave it. I want people to know, that a good show can leave you restless, wandering, thinking— but this one confuses me!

I have already diagnosed most characters with medical problems ranging from inferiority personalities, bi polar disorders and anxiety issues because really nothing even flows together in the episode and if the story flows then soon, boom! —Useless twist plots, meaningless emotions and kisses and dance offs! Really, I grew tired of it! I mean I love few characters like FP Jones (yes that is his name for those who do not know him) your adult man with an amazing sense of humor, (we loveyou!).

The first season was understandable, a teen who died after making a girl pregnant. So, who was the killer? Pretty dark was the answer but sure. Then Season Two came along, all wrong! A serial killer with no ground of hate, a bit of drugs, broken gf/bf, a lost brother and that old damned rich family we all hate because they think they are majestic but truly just some short people with trust issues trying to screw everyone up,

The Lodges, how I hate them man! Anyways, all these feelings stem from yesterday night where I watched the latest episode and I started rethinking.

That’s all for today my Darling Readers. Till next time.

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