The Letter


It was a peaceful evening, one with a breeze which would caress your face softly. This evening Ali wore a shining white thawb (kanzu) with his white emirate turban neatly tied, making him resemble the crown prince.

His well-groomed beard ran from the side of his ears down to his chin outlining his jaw. His style was like none other.

It was the day he was entering the golden cage by completing half of his deen. Ali decided to pray a two rak’aat Sunnah before he headed to the Masjid. After he completed his Sunnah prayer, he realized he had a package which was wrapped as a gift. He knew it was meant for him since it was his big day after all.

He unwrapped the present to find out there was a Quran which was unlike any other, being autographed by Sheikh Al Sudais- the Imam of the two Grand Masjids in Makkah and Madinah. But, there was something else. Something that made his heart tremble, a letter.

He was surprised yet curious so he opened the letter which led him to tears after reading it. It said;


Dated Forever,

My Dear Son, a long time ago, I received the best news a mother can receive, and that was the news of having you. My dear child, I cannot express how happy I was that day.

Weeks passed thereafter and my body started developing. I was scared at first because I could not eat except that I would vomit whatever I ate. And I would feel weak. My body started expanding as you grew in me. My child, I promise you, that with all the fear I had, I was loving you more with every day that passed. Those weeks became months and I became even heavier to the extent that I couldn’t do chores for long.

A time came when I couldn’t sleep on my back because of the weight of carrying you would cause immense pain onto my chest. And so I would sleep on my side. But I would be filled with the fear that I would roll onto my belly and harm you. Nonetheless, I adhered to do my best.

Every day that passed, my love for you grew stronger. And my desire to hold you after your birth also increased. Until my dear child, a day came when I felt a pain that I had never felt in my life before.

Immense pain that made me think that death was quite close. Wallahi! I thought I was going to die. A pain which I would not wish on to my enemy. And it was the day when you were about to enter into this world and, it lasted for a while.

Contraction after contraction! Second after second, minute after minute! By Allah, it felt like a lifetime. I thought I wouldn’t survive from this but I promise you, my dear child, that there was never a moment that I hated you during that process! Never a moment where I said an evil word to you or an evil word about you. Rather my desire for you, to hold you and see you, kept me going.

I never thought of taking revenge on you after you were born, I never ever said woe to you! I never uttered a word of enmity or hatred towards you as I suffered these pangs that I felt as the pangs of death.

And then my dear son, you entered this world and I saw you. The pangs of death that I thought I felt, dissipated. And the tears I had in my eyes became tears of joy. And the hurt that I felt in my body became hurt of joy! As I held you and brought you to my chest I smiled and said, Subhaana Rabial A’laa- Allah has blessed us with a great blessing.

And then my dear child, it never stopped there. For the sleepless nights came after. Why sleepless nights you would ask? Because I couldn’t tolerate you crying one bit. I would be so tired from looking after you during the day that when I finally got sleep and you would make one sound it would wake me up immediately! Because it would hurt me that you would be uncomfortable.

So I got up and said, “Rather I be uncomfortable than you be uncomfortable.” And I would pick you up, quiet you, make sure the milk was at the right temperature and feed you so that you would feel utmost comfort.

And then you grew up my dear child. I saw you walking and before that crawling and then a day came which was difficult for me. That was the day I had to take you to school, and I held your hand and took you there. You cried on getting there and I teared up as well! But I held my tears because I knew it was good for you to be there. And I didn’t want to make you upset that I was upset as well. So I held my emotions and left you there. My dear child, you grew up, in that school and you became independent, and you did things for yourself until today. On this day, you are so happy that it makes me happy and extremely sad at the same time. You are getting married.

I’m happy my son that you found your happiness, but I’m sad as well. Because the few things that I loved doing for you, someone else shall be doing them for you now. I pray that she loves you and completes you, is the source of your smiles when you are down and your fire in times of darkness. I pray that you are both blessings unto each other’s lives and more. Just know, I love you, my son.

From your loving mother


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