Friendship With Opposite Genders?


Relationships. A connection between two people or more can be between friends, or lovers or coworkers, and others. There are of different sorts, and in this week we are focusing on friendship. Is it possible to be friends with the opposite gender, with no benefits? Can there result in no repercussions from it?

To begin with, some believe that hanging out together for shopping or just movies or just for an outing, is simpler when you have the opposite gender with you. Movie and Series marathons seem much more interesting in their views when you spend it with them. These situations, done on a frequent basis though, could more often than not, result in more feelings than friendship, usually one-sided. This results in one of the two or more getting hurt as the other does not share their sentiments

Some could argue that such a friendship is much more lively, much more interesting. Ideas seem more out of this world as they flow between them, and jokes seem much more amusing. Going out to events, or simpler outings seem a better choice than If they had different sort of company.

Some believe spending time with the opposite gender is more than they can handle. Shopping seems to be more than as in the case of guys who’d prefer to get into a store and leave as soon as they find what they were looking for. Women, on the other hand, would rather spend time either looking for options, surveying for future ideas, followed thereafter with bargaining on the single cloth they acquire in their arms, 2 hours after.

Others though believe that it is against their norms to even consider of one. They believe that the company they have is better than if they had an opposite gender in their midst. Their company seems much open, ideas are easier said with no worries of it meaning differently, and likes are closely similar, so the probability of having disagreements is less likely.

What do you believe though, Dear Reader? Tell us about your ideas. Have you had a friendship which became compromising at one point?

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