Young Adult, Early Failure


As a 22-year-old girl in college, I may not sound so mature to you but stop right there! What do you call someone who takes care of others? No not a doctor, an adult! And I am one. I regard it as taking on responsibilities other than your own. So, if you take care of yourself and all that, it is basic nourishment and growth, no biggie.

But once every plan and decision is an act of your own as an individualthen congratulations, you have become an adult. Physically speaking you need to be over 18 years of age but I can personally say I have met a few 13 yr olds with whom I can hold a respectable conversation with, than most 30 or 60 yr olds. Hence I disagree with the saying that with age comes wisdom.

Let me define a young adult, Picture it as juggling between health, religion, family, love, hobbies, academics, dreams, social life…..and so on while running fast because you jumped over the age difference. Eventually one or two will tend to fall, but hey, no one had it all for even a second. You learnto prioritize, you get your strength in the manner you tackle your mistakes.

The reason for people to grow on being an adult beforehand can be many. Irresponsible family members, tough life, a selfless personality, financial instability, sickness or divorce in their family- the list is endless. But here is one thing. These people might behave like adults by the age of 15 but don’t misunderstand and think they cannot go back to enjoy their childhood years if they get the chance. So, as usual, it all comes back later in life, either as a midlife crisis or the ability to pass down skills to the next generation as a rewarding feeling, I have seen it come not as a regret but as a lesson they learnt at such a young age that wisdom came too soon with its pros and cons.

The last matter I would like to point out for our young adults who overthink, stress and forget to take care of themselves just for the rest of us to have it easier, we appreciate your courage and braveness that passes our understanding. So, if you ever feel lonely or break down because responsibilities knocked you off your years, feel free to do so because nothing we can do or say can make you understand what a hero you are.

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