Happiness Is…

I have learned; that happiness isn’t an individual emotion.

Happiness comes with attachments.

Happiness is dependent.

This is why, you find that ‘happiness‘ definitions differ from one person to another.

For me, happiness could be simplicity and freedom.

For you, happiness could be adventures and not settling.

This is why we keep chasing happiness, sometimes all our lives.

Because we are trying to find it in the wrong places, we try to find it from other people’s sources of happiness

We keep attaching happiness at the wrong places with the wrong things, in order to be just like everyone else.

I wonder what would happen, if we looked inside ourselves first. If we instead, listened to that small little voice that tries to call us,

And tell us that life isn’t supposed to be miserable. Growth is not equal to being a society robot in DEFAULT mode.

Happiness comes from sincerity in everything we do. Being sincere and true to yourself first, then to everyone else.

Just because one says ‘La ila ha illa llah, Muhammadurrasulullah (There is absolutely no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and Mohamed (saws) is the Messenger of Allah), does not mean that they sincerely mean it or believe in it. One can never know what is in another’s heart; so how can you expect one to tell the other, what their happiness should be?

Find your space that you can sincerely and honestly attach your happiness with; that has nothing to do with the world.

Being in complete peace within yourself – maybe that, is happiness?

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