Hair care 💗

If you love using natural remedies to glow up your face, hair or just cure any small illness like flu then this is something you can relate. I am someone who has so much love for her short curls, a bit too much you could say, reason being I am always reading hair care articles, trying all kitchen ingredients on my hair until I find the right one for my hair type. This is because I have used a lot of man-made products and I realized few of them even work, except shampoos those always work!

Everything from spices, eggs, oils and fruits, I leave nothing to spare, recently I also found out black pepper has it benefits to the hair, guess who will be seasoning her hair? ……..

The secret is experimentation and knowing what you want. Firstly not everything can give you all results, if you want growth there are specifics for that. So before you start searching on google and watching DYI’s what do you want for your hair? Dandruff free, shine, moisture, softness, growth. After this step, look up different ways to use the ingredients you want, for example:

• How long do you want to use the hair mask for, 30 minutes, an hour or overnight? Don’t over use as it can damage or dry the hair

• Do you want a hair rinsing type of preparation or one you just leave in a shower-cup?

• What ingredients are you ready to use, can you stand the smell for some e.g egg, mayonnaise etc.

• The need to detangle your hair while applying the ingredients, some kitchen material requires hair to be damp before application, so search thoroughly.

• Also know the amount needed for your hair, if you have long or curls then definitely you need more so when measuring just be extra. Measurements are important, don’t just mix.

• Lastly, don’t forget to search if the recipe you applied should be post or pre shampoo!

Ok, now don’t rush this is no magic portion, remember it takes time for you to see the results you were expecting or any progress at all, so consistency and routine should be your habits of using natural remedies on your head. Some remedies require daily usage; others weekly while some just monthly, so keep up!

One more thing to brush through, OVER BRUSHING! Yes it’s a thing. Don’t overdo it. Also here are some basics to start with: don’t brush wet hair, wrap wet hair in a towel not to lose the moisture, use a proper brush, force doesn’t work well with hair, wash hair as per your hair needs = oily hair, stinky hair, dusty hair, don’t do it everyday!

That is all I have to share, any questions or suggestions please let me know.

PS: hair length doesn’t equal beauty. Strength , shine and healthy hair equals beauty

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