The little brown girl

This story is about the little brown girl
Who never realized how beautiful her golden skin was.

She lived her life believing,
Every single day,
That she would never be defined as beauty

She never thought to look carefully, and deeply at every inch of herself
At every single speck on her skin
At every shade of color, that made her who she was

She could not bother

Society was always right
They had labeled her skin asunsightly
Well, they must have been right
It seems like Majority always wins

Oh, how she would look at the little white girl
How happy she seemed
How radiant and beautiful her skin was
So accepted.

She wished and hoped
Day and night
That she too could be like that little white girl
Who everyone seemed to love

It was only later,
When the little brown girl grew to become a young brown woman
Did she realize that acceptance had to come from within first.

She finally did look at herself in the mirror then
She noticed how beautiful her darker shade was
That there really wasn’t much difference between herself and the little white girl
They were both just… girls.

She finally understood that nobody would just tell her that she was beautiful,
And even if they did –
It would never make a difference
until she accepted herself, just the way she was.

That being ‘odd’ does not equal bad.
She came to terms with herself,
That her color defined her ‘appearance’
But not her ‘identity’

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