Hunger for love.
Hunger for people.
Hunger for food.
Hunger for trust.
Hunger for understanding.

There is always some kind of hunger lurking around our lives.
There will come a day,
Where you will have a hunger of freedom,
To make your own choices.

You know better than anyone else,
That these are the right choices for you,
It has taken you ages,
To muster up all that you have in you,
To gather up every ounce of courage that you have,
To take every step, in order to create that path for the choices you have made.

You pave the way, all alone,
Leaving that fear aside,
Ignoring all those snide insecurities inside your head,
For you know that this is worth it.

You do all it takes,
You teach yourself to swim and escape from your own worries,
Finally, you reach that destination.

You have those keys in your hands now,
The keys to opening the door of your own choice,
At last, you will fulfill that hunger,
Time to open the doors now.

Just as you turn the lock,
Just a push away,
Just a step away.

They come along.

They’ve come to take you back to the same place you came from,
That dreadful place that you tried so hard to get yourself out of,
The place that was drowning you,
They are pulling you back there,
By your hair. By your hands. By your clothes.

They don’t see your tears,
Or how your nails bleed from clawing so hard on the ground,
You want to stay rooted there,
Anywhere. Anywhere, but there.
They don’t listen.

They don’t see,
You were just a breath away.
They don’t understand.
Despite your pleas.

They have thrown away the keys,
They have left you helpless and drained.
Once again.

They don’t know,
They were not present,
At the times you struggled to let yourself through,
They have a need to control you,
To make you a puppet of the world we live in,
To make you a puppet of the people who don’t really care if you’re dead or alive.

You are stuck again,
In that never-ending loop hole and you know you will drown again.
You still hunger for that freedom,
But when, will your hunger be fulfilled?

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