Seconds and hours passed by,
I counted every single minute,
It felt like the clock kept ticking,
Asking me to haste.

I counted the time that I woke up,
The time I slept,
The time I ate,
Time was running. It seemed.

Where was it running to? No one knew
I counted every minute of it,
So how did it disappear and slip out of my grasp so easily?

I can’t see time.
I can only see myself being a slave to it.
The question is, am I chasing time or is time chasing me?

I say I wait for the next hour, the next day, the next year.
The more I try to run and catch it, the more it appears to be running away from me.
What about this very minute?
It is time as well,
But I have also not managed to hold it,
Without it sliding from my hands as I wait for what the next half an hour would bring.

I never have enough time

I try to do so much to occupy my hours, days and years.
I have complained about all the things that I had to do, in such a short time.

I think what we don’t realize is that time is not ours to own,
We are not supposed to chase it and try to grasp it,
It will never happen,
Because time does not exist …

There is only night and day – The evidence, is the sun and moon.

Time started when we thought we could control our everyday lives,
We started giving the clock so much value,
Instead of listening to our feelings, we listen to the tick tock.
And now, the illusion of time is chasing us.

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