أَُكِئَلو ُ م هاَوْأَم ُ راَّنلا اَِبِ او ناَك َُنو بِسْكَي

“(as for) those, their abode is the fire because of what they earned”

Fajr prayer does not matter now; it will matter tomorrow. Right now, you are extremely tired and you can’t even stand, let alone concentrate on your prayers. You’ll start praying tomorrow for sure.

You are very busy now. You can repay dhuhr with asr later; right now, you need to impress your boss by the amount of work you’re doing. God will understand; your boss wont.

It’s maghrib. But you planned to have coffee with your friends at that time. Of course, missing one day of Maghrib, shouldn’t be a problem, right? After all, you only see your friends once in a while. They can’t wait. Plus, what would they think of you if you told them to change the meet up time. You will sound like such a snob, as if only your religion matters.

You will definitely pray I’sha once that one episode of ELLEN is done. Once it’s over, you start watching another. There is ample of time to pray I’sha. Plus, it’s not like you’re dying now anyway.

You can obviously wear anything you want as a young adult. You definitely cannot hide your beauty at this young age. You need time to grow and think about it, and actually decide whether you will be able to cover yourself or not. You need to live your life for now. After all, they say: Live in the moment. Plus, who will marry you if they can’t see your beauty?

These little things keep us so busy with life, and we decide to live with ignorance. It’s much easier that way. Who has seen fire anyway? But I hope that we have the courage to face what’s forthcoming. I hope we realize that every moment we decided to ignore the voices inside, was out of our own choices; and no one else’s. And that whatever we get at the end of life, we earned it, by those little choices that seemed so harmless.

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