What We’re Watching: Elementary

As someone who is drawn to intellectual conversations, and debates I can say SHERLOCK is my favorite show. I’ve completed the entire seasons of Sherlock long ago and have been waiting anxiously for a new season for a year now. I was in desperate need of a fix, until last month when a classmate suggested ELEMENTARY! Was I relieved? Of course yes, I get 6 seasons to watch the detective in action, with an interesting twist that this Sherlock is set in New York city…….(”dramatic music in the background”)

I have finished season one of Elementary and I’m loving it, more than Mc Donald’s loving it. The whole series is so well written and presented touching issues like love, friendship, mental health, abuse, trust, life-changing decisions while not forgetting the murder, mystery, and blackmail.

I am yet to watch Sherlock as played by the awesome Robert Downey Jr, but I first fell in love with the character Sherlock when benedict Cumberbatch took on and delivered an amazing performance of 221B Baker’s street best consulting detective. The main lead in Elementary is played by Jonny Lee miller he too deserves a round of applause for portraying Sherlock as we know him as, A FREAKING GENIUS!

Back to the topic, I highly recommend watching elementary if you like to think and riddle as you watch, I guarantee you surprises, twists and a great deal of action.

One aspect I’ve noticed that is different in Elementary form Sherlock is that the Sherlock here tries to engage in forging relationships with people other than his only friend, Watson and better yet Watson is female, not male. You can imagine the conflicts that can happen between a female ex-surgeon and cold messy eccentric guy. If you still are in doubt about taking this show on, then this might convince you, Sherlock is the most depicted fictional character in TV as recorded in the Guinness world book of records…….because he is a cocaine addict who solves crimes! Now the series isn’t centered on this man alone, but his friend Watson an ex-surgeon, struggling after killing a patient on the table. His older brother Mycroft Holmes, gifted with deductive powers more than our beloved Sherlock and lastly, the bitter-sweet relationship of Sherlock and a criminal mastermind, Moriarty; his arch nemesis.

One more thing, Sherlock can and will be involved in a romantic relationship, he is a human after all.

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