Dear World,

There is a part of me that feels blessed and forgiving; but then, there’s also a part of me that feels betrayed and cruel. All of these feelings feel my own yet so alien.

A lot happens when my mind is about to sleep.

I keep wondering about the numbness that I’ve been feeling for a long time.

I keep wondering if it’s ever going to stop. If the tears will ever come, to fill the neverending hollowness inside of me. The overwhelming quietness. I can’t seem to understand -if I’m in pain; why weren’t the tears coming.

I can’t seem to figure anything out lately and I hate the confusion, the questions that have no answers or the people that don’t seem to understand.

They say it’s my choice. I caused this numbness and I chose these feelings. I was allowing the emptiness to take over me, and that I was the only one who could change that. I needed to look at everything positively, they said.

I can’t seem to understand them, is that why they can’t understand me?

But when will the tears come? I want to feel. I need to fill this desolation.

It hurts. Yet, I don’t cry.

Is this normal? Do tears sometimes disappear?

With Love,

An earthling ❤

One thought on “Tears

  1. The tears will return soon in shaa ALLAH, ukhti. You are just going through a period of depression, and that’s normal for a believer to go through. Try and reconnect with the Qur’aan a little bit every day to revive your heart, even if it’s just a few verses at Fajr or listening to it on your commute to work/school. All the best.❤


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