The Beautiful Month


2017 came and left quite fast. It like, up and left! So we had to welcome 2018 anyways because after all, time does not consider any being, as it keeps flowing on its own track. So the beautiful thing about these running years, from my account, is the Holy Month that is brought along with it.

Where despite the lack of desiring junk food like burgers, the Shaytan is chained all up, so any evil ideas or desires we would have would be purely from our own nafs, and not from the Accursed one at all.

Leaving all that, in this month, we get to focus on the Qur’an, learning more of the deen, and doing things that bring us closer to our Creator, soul-wise of course…and physically. Acquiring khushu is easiest in this month when worked on of course, and one does not have to worry what they will be eating during the day, leaving space to focus on other matters.

I pray that all my brothers and sisters in Islam, get to see this beautiful month and make the best out of it. That guy that we like wasting time with, the girlfriends that we enjoy spending late nights with every week should all be kept to a minimum or ceased for this month as we prioritise getting as much thawaab as possible. Dhikr, kindness and charity should be one of the ways to get closer to Allah. But one thing we seem to forget nowadays is of one’s NIyah. This simply implies intention. It can either hold us afloat or can bring us down when performing good deeds.

Let’s say one gives charity to an old man and advertises it on social media. Let me ask you. What do you intend to achieve from the post of you giving to this old man? Was it to get compliments of kindness and admiration or was it for the likes? Or to get well known that you are quite a giver? Because if we do not reflect on our actions then we are failing. And nonetheless, Allah gives you what you desire, whether you reflect on it or not. It is either you are seeking people’s praise or you seeking the Akhera. Be careful how you go about whichever you desire. If you want the thawaab, why don’t you try not posting on the media? Or post the right pictures with the right intentions.

With this I pray that Allah makes the path to Jannah, as we strive for it, easy for us.

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