Men v/s relationships

Today I want to address an issue that has brought worry upon my future, why men rush relationships. Why is it that they are in a hurry for relationships as long as it’s a girl without taking into account the girl’s background, religion, lifestyle, ethnicity, job…etc? As a woman, I can tell you that almost every girl/woman out there understands that her love, support system and lifestyle has to change depending on her husband’s lifestyle, job, and family traditions.

Marrying a diplomat for example, a girl knows to change how she converses in public, she knows most of the time he will be buried in work, his availability won’t be frequent at home, she knows rumors will be spread and so on. Then why don’t men understand marrying a working girl is also different? That marrying an accountant is not the same as an engineer, or a staying at home girl? How do men expect a full time housewife to act like those perfect housewives in advertisement, all smiles, prepares food, cleans, and always dressed up without wiping off the smile? Are we ornaments? A rare flower to be a decoration in someone’s house, well even a flower dies if you forget to cherish it.

Back to working wives, men need to take into consideration that work is still work, I will have late nights as you, I will have bad days as you, and I don’t want to mess up my presentation too! So when you expect us to be understanding of your situation, we do too. We want someone who knows how to love different. Am not saying the amount or quality of love should vary, just let it be different, the jokes, gestures, compliments. You shouldn’t expect your same way of loving to work on a photographer, a doctor, or a housewife.

This goes to both parties involved, equal understanding , commitment, patience, support, care….and the list goes on.

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