“Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, ‘We believe’, and that they will not be put to the test? And certainly We tested those before them, so that God will differentiate those who are true from those who are false.” (Quran 29:2-3)

For today, you shall write from your heart,

Write, to pour out your grief as you cry yourself to sleep.
These are your tears.
For all the years, you have lived your life as if you are indebted to everyone,
You keep waiting for their approval,
You keep asking yourself that one question,
Will this be OK with them?
You do it for them to accept you.
There you are, wasting away at your desk
Waiting for the day to pass,
So long as they approve,
So long as they can see that you are ok and smiling on the outside,
So long as you’re alive and they can see that.
Do they deserve the importance you are giving them?
Why do you grieve for the love you’ve never had?
You fail to realize dear one,
You are not owned by none but your creator.
You do not owe to any one the price of your life, but your creator.
If you are to wait for an approval,
It should be from him and him only.
And it’s Him you should choose, to be your only guidance.
Once you have kept him in your heart,
Listen to it…

“And We shall certainly test you, until We know those of you who strive their utmost (for God) and who are the steadfast; and We shall test your reported mettle.” (Quran 47:31)


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