Correcting Our Actions

Why does it feel like this Ramadhan is running away? Why does it feel like it does not even want it to be here? Are we that sinful? Are we not giving it the respect it deserves, the fear that is deserving from its importance?

Why are we not doing anything to improve, to change? A beautiful person left this Dunya in this beautiful month, I pray to Jannah. He seems to have done a lot for his Akhera. So what are we doing? Watching series after every fast and giving our prayers on time. What, do we think it is enough? So you were fasting for the day. what did you amend, if you are back to doing what you usually do every other No-Ramadhan-day? I thought Allah said we fast throughout. ‘Tis why He specified the time, 30 days. Day and Night. He also said that the rewards for fasting were for him, only. Yet, here we are opting to— despite the shackling of Shaytan and his children, —to displease our Creator, even when as we see Ramadhan drawing to a close, even as we see Qiyamah ever so near. Lord forgive us. Please grant us an awareness of our self-afflicting reality. We do not want to taste your fire, no matter how little. Please Ya Ghafur, forgive me and my family, my brothers and my sisters in Islam. Please Ya Rabb.

We are flawed. There are more masses fighting us. More influences upon our ears, in front of our eyes as well as those that have embedded in our chests. Ya Wali, help us. Don’t let us be of those who did not pray, those who did not give zakat, or sadaqah. Do not let us of those whose abode is the fire. Do not let die as Kaafirs or Munafiqs. Let us die upon your religion.

So, can we do something to make good use of the remaining days of this month? Let us do something in this short life of ours —even donate to an Islamic fund, because we will surely need it on Judgement day where our actions will be weighed on the scale.

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