What Is it’s Worth?

This world in which we live in,
Where from the cradle,
We start learning and increasing.

Money in knowledge we waste,
On a commodity which now,
Is seen as an expense.You either go for it all in,
Or die on the sidelines, watching,
As we expend our energies,
Just for a piece of paper,
Which determines how much respect should give you.

A piece of paper that ensures you stay in the system,
Not growing or improving your self really.
Just increasing the pockets of the board,
As your hard earned work increases the increments on the yearly chart.
You shall instead,

Just get a bonus, this once,
For a job well done, and a pat on the back
For the boss loves the work you do,
Not so much, as a person.

I don’t think he cares if your family member is ill,
But more so that you shall not be coming to work anytime soon.
Your life, goes along,

As the boss gives you bonuses, every time you consider leaving,
Wondering, does he give any concern about me,
But the bonus,

It gives you just instantaneous happiness,
Not long term satisfaction really.
But, you die,

Having being a good worker,
A hardworking one.
Never having done anything out of the ordinary,
Never having done anything to change your state.
You die,
Not realising you were tired of your tedious 9-5 job.
Depressed from it all,
With a family who will miss you.

Cause you were barely there,
As you worked hard to earn a living,
For them.
Is the cycle worth it?
To study for more than 6 years,
Only to stay behind a desk enriching another’s pocket,
Instead of your own?
Is it worth it,
To work so hard, that your family sees nothing of you ,
But the papers you bring back home?
Is it worth it?

I ponder,

As a student and lady,

in the system,

I am trying to break out of.

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