Creative-5-10-Minutes-Colorful-Sand-Glass-Sandglass-Hourglass-Timer-Home-Wedding-Decor-Gift-Sand-ClockThe biggest lesson ever taught in Islam is patience….at home, patience…..At work, the same thing. Have patience even if your boss is rude or your co-worker is a liar. Even when your own space is on fire, have patience.
At what point does patience become fear? To what level should one have patience? Does patience mean politeness or is it total silence? Is it being weak or is it faith?

Islam teaches us to have patience because we are promised the great reward without measure, Islam also teaches us to defend ourselves. So why do we humans confuse these two? Society has so far defined patience as absolute giving power to others and swallowing whatever bitter pieces we are offered. No! That is not patience!
Patience in English, Sabr in Arabic, meaning perseverance, endurance. Patience is a beautiful thing, an illumination of the heart of a believer but let’s accurately define it;
patience is divided into three components:

  • Patience in worshiping Allah and adhering to His commands.
  • Patience in avoiding sins and acts of disobedience.
  • Patience with the decree of Allah and calamities.

We should then stop mentioning patience only in difficulty or sufferings instead we should have it throughout.. For patience isn’t weakness or state of being defeated so we shouldn’t attach it only to painful times.

Patience is beautiful, a mark of faith, dignity and inner strength. When your rights are being violated do not use patience as an excuse. Where sins are being committed do not stand silent in the cry of patience!
It’s not right how we associate Islam with being inferior, let’s use patience rightfully, Inshaallah.

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