You make a difference,

Just by being.

You might not understand the beautiful you,

Maybe that is how we are made as humans,

We look at ourselves but we don’t see.

It could be repeated multiple times that beauty is more than skin-deep,

But it comes back and haunts us,

We still want to LOOK beautiful,

After all, it’s all we see.


I look at you and I see you.

I wish you didn’t have to justify your soul.

But the world makes us this way, we cannot trust, we cannot be vulnerable.

We keep thinking we are hopeless.


I cannot say I understand, because this is your story.

You write it. I’ll try to read it and empathize, but you know better.


I will cry out with joy,

The day you decide that all that matters is within.


I see your beautiful soul.

When I’m with you, I see who you are with me.

I see behind your eyes.

The brave little girl, who tries to survive the only way she knows.


I’ll be here.

I’ll keep saying it until you believe it.

I’ll be here.


But always remember; we are what we see…

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