Its Own Speed Mill?


A factor never considered,

In our daily lives as we mill about,

As hours run to days,

And months come upon us

Received with aghast expressions.

Wasn’t it just December last year,

And now, summer is over?

Ramadhan last year,

And now, the Eid celebrations are done with?

Darling Readers,

As you go through this post,

Being your sister, always,

I opt to take this chance,

To heed you all,

OnĀ  how fats our days are coming to a close.

Qiyamah shall be upon us in ablink,

Signs being everywhere.

I know deep inside,

We have this fear of the unknown,

Or we opt to not even let it cross our minds,

Busy as they are.

Can we then, despite the little time we have,

Let us try to increase the dhikr, upon our lithe tongues,

Let us try to take note of our mistakes,

Ones we choose to commit on a daily basis,

Like habits ingrained.

Let us try to establish,

At the least just 2 rak’ahs

For the fajr prayer, one that takes just 5 minutes

Of our precious time.

Can we start, there?

May Allah make it easier,

Upon His servants,

As holding on to our religion,

Keeps getting hotter,

Day by day.


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