Dear Heart..


Today, I write this letter to the heart, which has been in the quiet corner for a while. Let me explain.
Dear Heart,

How are you today? I know you’ve had long lonely nights, where you cried with the moon and wished on the starlight.

I know because I was there with you, leaning on your broken back for I was
tired too. Read this and forgive me, just please do.
Remember when I promised to never leave your side, then I was nowhere to be found when you fell to your knees and down the ground. Let me tell to you why you also had this fight alone because,  YOU WIN, YOU ALWAYS DO! To all the days I made fun of you, teased you and ignored you, I hope you know I couldn’t face the truth, and you are filled with it.
I want to apologize for the rest- when they didn’t trust you. It is hard to accept that something so soft, knows a greater depth of pain than we could ever perceive.

Broken, you befriended loneliness. But loneliness fell for you. Your warmth made a home, your love made a bond.
A piece of advice my dearest friend, don’t listen to their accomplishments, and their stories of great success. It will poison you. It is because of experience I know. It is OK to be lost. Take your time to question and be sure to doubt. The difference between you and I isn’t just one- it is everything. You are everything! You feed on hope, you breathe in faith.

I birth fear by killing dreams.
Yours sincerely,
The Mind.

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