I’m sorry for being human

Let’s cut off their salary,
What have they got to lose?
It was their mistake, they need to pay for not paying attention.
They need to pay for being human.

That’s what they kept saying

You cannot make a lot of mistakes,
Two mistakes is one too many.
The organization is damaged by these mistakes.
You are part of a system and a team,
But just remember that they are not a part of you.

Who cares, if you are stressed about your sick mom at home or where you’ll get the money to eat tomorrow that you can’t even concentrate on your job?
Leave your personal feelings at home, they say.
But my personal feelings are the reason I am working.

How can I not stress out?
I might have a quarter of my salary cut off next month,
It was my mistake.
This is the reason why I cannot help in paying the fees for my younger sister’s schooling next month,
This is also my fault.

Or how I also cannot buy my child’s favorite toy that he has been waiting for the past three months,
I promised him that I would definitely buy it this month.
But I made a mistake, and I don’t have enough this time around either.
I’m sorry child,
I’m sorry for being human.
I’m sorry I keep snatching your childhood away, and that you have to grow up too fast,
You have to realize way too soon that this is just how the system works.

I’m sorry.
I made a mistake

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