Staying In Touch


Distance. Human beings seem to hate them. Is it because of how our hearts suffer and go dark, as we lose touch of our dear ones, or is it because our loved ones become more engrossed in matters of the world, forgetting the bond we once had? Relationships can easily be affected by this. It is not easy to stay in touch, but it is even harder if you think your loved ones are less important than the worldly affairs that you left for. It is why parents complain about estranged children, who once needed them but do not anymore, due to the independence that they gained. It is why friends have fall outs and couples break up. If we happen to see it as a struggle keeping in touch, we shall lose touch. What matters is how close you keep them in your heart, how often you remember them, in your mind. I believe in keeping relationships strong. Just because he is afar from you by miles does not mean it is so, in your heart and mind. As long as they stay fresh in your memories, your prayers and thoughts, distance shall never matter. Staying in touch is easily achieved if the feelings of care and love are reciprocated. Only then, will they get stronger.



Hey beautiful people, we don’t know each other but I think we all hate losing connections with people we once thought we would age with, in other terms people we shared amazing memories with. Being 22 and a student, I have had my share of losing contact with friends. I am sure going to lose many more as years pass by, but I wish that wasn’t the way because, apart from becoming awkward with the person, it sure hurts a lot.

I don’t believe it is something that happens because it has to, more like we wish it upon our self, at least one person must want to end the relationship. I have taken upon myself this year as a resolution to tackle this problem. I try to avoid losing any more meaningful friendships by keeping up to date and checking in once in a while.  It pays off because I value what we have. But take notice! If all the effort comes from one person, then you might as well not be in touch…..staying in touch has been two-sided that’s how we stay together.

Well, what about the other scenarios where it was an accidental loss of number, username, or a stupid ego that made us not text our beloved friends, cousins or even strangers. Sad, but that chance is gone unless fate brings it back again…lets wish upon it!

It is only a few times where loss of touch is actually refreshingly good for you. Until then strive for a world where there is a soft spot in your heart to care for one more.

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