What we are watching – Cable Girls

Actually, the title should be what we already watched. I finished all 3 seasons in 3 days, nothing too new for me once a show has captured my interest.. So, what is Cable Girls- it is a Netflix Spanish series set in 1920’s Spain revolving around a telephone company and 4 girls who become unlikely friends. The friends fight through justice, betrayal, and drama together, just what we all need in 2018! GIRL POWER.

Each season has 8 episodes and each episode is almost 45 minutes, but it’s always not enough, leaving you hanging for me. (currently waiting on the new season in 2019 after a shocking end…aarrghhhh)!

The main characters who are in a love triangle are:

ALBA- the main chica who is seen as a strong independent woman who knows what she wants and exactly how to get it.

 FRANCISCO – the old friend a.k.a. once a lover, calm, composed and rational. Basically, the guy who hides all the secrets, the one you call when you have to hide a crime.

CARLOS – a new face, a handsome face to be exact. The heir of the multi-millionaire company, once a playboy turned to seriousness out of love. The guy who doesn’t hide his emotions nor his charm.

from the right to left: Carlota, Alba, Angeles, Marga

Then the other main chicas include

CARLOTA – a defiant rich girl going against society to find love and independence.

ANGELES – a loving mother struggling between family, work and true love

MARGA – a girl from the village trying to understand Spain, finding who she is in the new city and what her limits really are when it comes to love & friendship.

Yes, it’s complicated as I made it sound, plus not forgetting the 1920s gentlemanliness displayed, the suits, the iconic cigars, and the good manners. Also the captivating female figures, how they dress, with red lipstick and their classy hairstyles under their cloche hats, main love clearly, as you can tell.

But one thing you should be ready for is that it isn’t as realistic as it seems, more like a telenovela where anything is possible…. I guess that is why we love it because it doesn’t involve unnecessary emotional suffering for the viewer by adding a few impossible acts such as surviving a car crash, or a gunshot wound.

The show has much to offer with its spicy drama infused with comedy, crime along with mystery. Recommendation level out of 10 would be an 8.

Enjoy the show and don’t fall in love too quickly with the characters, they aren’t real, after all.

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