111Lessons. 2019. I feel like 2018 passed in a blink. The blink was long enough for sleep and food, but the months have really flown by. A lot has happened this year. I have been on a documentary spree of late, realizing that I haven’t done much to change the world, or at least that is what it feels like. I haven’t helped the brothers and sisters in Syria, or Egypt, or Libya. Do they need any help? Lessons I have learned this year. Well, I have realized that I want to be more involved with my community. Yes, I know that I love my seclusion, a lot. However, being with people, talking to them, has been quite a revelation for me. Nevertheless, the documentaries are what lit the bulb in my head. Allahu ya’alam. I pray this happens, I love my future in buildings, but the fulfillment of the soul comes from helping people.

I have learned that in 2018, life cannot be felt or enjoyed alone. One needs company, permanent or more than temporary, to give that spark to their thoughts, something of a breath of fresh air if you will. Change is vital; one should never run away from it ― is another lesson that came this year. As scary as the prospect may be, it definitely leaves you, a changed person. Applaud it.

Embrace who you are. Before doing so, one has to know oneself ―accept the beauties, and avoid self-conceit. Be aware of the negatives and work your way to lighten them. We all have flaws. So long as we think change is impossible, the more permanent the flaws will stand out, in the light.

We are a forever-changing species, especially since we are blessed with brains, whose ability is to ponder. Were we animals then change would take a while to instill. After all, if they love tearing into meat with fervor, they shall forever do so, no matter how tamed they’re. We, on the other hand, have the ability to adapt and adjust with our surroundings.

Determination is the key to success. So long as you desire for something then, you will put in as much effort as you want, into whatever matter you desire. Be it success in the work field, growing beautiful nails, becoming smarter, becoming a faster reader. No matter the case, desire equals determination. Unless of course if what you desire is against your conscience then thought supersedes action.

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