What We’re…Watching

Murderous AR games, medieval Spanish warriors and Dimples, that’s what I’ve been smoking the past 2 days and I’m still on a high from it. It’s been a while since I’ve been properly addicted to a kdrama and I couldn’t have chosen a better one. I give you “Memories of the Alhambra”, a South Korean drama that features a ground breaking Augmented Reality game that tests the border of the real world leading to our leads getting entangled in a dangerous game to which the rules are unclear.

That paragraph alone should be enough to entice you but since I’m nice and desperately want the whole world to watch it I’ll divulge more. The drama stars a long time favourite of mine, visual masterpiece, sweet daddy, charming pants, Mr. Dimples himself Hyun Bin in his long waited drama comeback in 3 years and Korean sweetheart Park Shin hye.  Hyun bin portrays the CEO of an investment company who’s out to purchase the rights for said game while Park Shin hye is the sister of the games underage creator.

Major life threatening anomalies in the game and the mysterious disappearance of the games creator portrayed by EXO oppa Park Chanyeol,  causes our lead to question the virtual boundaries of the game and embark on a real life quest to find the creator with hopes of getting the answers he needs to prove his questionable sanity to the world. Chills I tell you, chills.

The drama is still ongoing and 14 episodes in with 16 being the final episode number and I managed to binge 12 to catch up with this week’s episodes . For those who are familiar with kdramas, MotA comes from the same writer who gave us the amazing historical time travel drama ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man’ and the webtoon crossover mystery drama ‘W-Two worlds’, with that resume you KNOW it’ll be good.

The thrill of the drama lies when the AR game is being played, I’m not a gamer, the closest I’ve gotten is Super Mario, but those scenes are riveting. You don’t have to love games to enjoy the drama. the writer somehow manages to keep us on our toes each episode leaving us to proclaim “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED” when the credits roll in and THAT’S  the stuff good dramas are made of, Unpredictability.

With 2 episodes to go I’m nervous as to what our hero will have to face but I’m excited to see how we can banish the evil that is the AR game. Be sure to check it out! For the Asian drama natives, you know our sites *wink wink* and for the rest, Netflix has picked the drama up and streams them in real time.

Don’t let the magic pass!!!

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