Touring Tanzania:


So, these days, there is an immense lust for travel. Why? I feel mainly Instagram. Aesthetically and visually pleasing photos that make you feel that wanderlust bug. A lot of people do love traveling; and with social media, we have a medium to share our experiences with other people and get advice much easily from other travelers.

Travelling has become much easy.

It’s funny, that most of us want to travel around the globe but we haven’t even got the chance to explore our own lands/countries or even come to realize what our own can offer.

I think it’s important to explore inwardly before we got out. Especially when you live in a country like Tanzania. Where you can find ANYTHING for ANYONE. Beaches, animal safaris, culture, luxury … not to mention absolutely delicious fusion of food.

Tanzania has so many Instagram worthy spots. The two that I would really like to visit are;


I feel like Ruaha is one of the national parks that has it all; the weather, the animals, the river, the atmosphere and most importantly … No crowd –Plus, it’s a beautiful place, with its gloomy hues.

You know how sunsets are beautiful anywhere? Now, imagine seeing one of the most beautiful images in the world, in a vast quiet land. This is nature at its best.


I think this is truly the most secluded area and the most beautiful for a short getaway of friends or family. It is also very reasonable in price. It’s definitely somewhere to go. 

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