Touring Tanzania:

Tanzania. An East African country with abundant beauty and people with such hearts! A country which holds the highest mountain peak- Mt Kilimanjaro, a country whose source of the longest river in the world, resides in. a country with a volcanic mountain, thank God for its dormancy. However, the area around this mountain has such beauty. Geographically and historically. A country where Historians made stops to, before heading to other nations. This country holds so much and has yet much to be uncovered. The oldest skull, the oldest region- Kilwa, the deepest lake- Lake Tanganyika, The highest peak- Mt Kilimanjaro, and its national parks. It is home to its rhinos, though endangered, its lions and cheetahs, leopards and as the world should know, its giraffes- the graceful animal printed on its monetary notes.

I could go on, about this country, despite not having travelled much, but I could tell you of a number of places I would love to travel, were I win a bingo or just a vacation…

Ngorongoro Park

I would love to visit the Ngorongoro Park. Not because of its unique name, or its animals. I do not have much liking to watch animals sitting or lazing around unless they are monkeys since they are the most active of the bunch. No. I would love to see the nature, the caldera in its beauty, in the sunset as well as the sunrise. I bet a good hotel could offer me such a vantage point and if that is too expensive for me, I could always take a hot balloon and fly to see the caldera in the sunset. The hues that would hit the bushes and the ground. I am sure that would give a striking view than sunset al level 110 from the Burj Khalifa. I am all about nature.

Usambara Mountains

Next place I would want to go, I believe would be to hike any mountain. I understand that this could be done anywhere in the world, but if I could do it among my locals, around my people, and see the fields of farms from a high vantage, that would be spectacular for me.

I once went on a hike with my mother and siblings. What a trip that was. Painful, exhilarating, and fun is how I would describe it. The torture in your calves, the breaths of fresh, untainted air where too beautiful to not notice, from the altitude we were at. Taking a rest during our hike, and enjoying the view below, was breathtaking.


Another place I would love to visit is Saadani. The fact that I get to see a river with meanders, something I learned in geography, creates an eagerness in me I cannot fathom. Another thing about Saadani is that it is a park which is situated beside an ocean. So that feels as beautiful as it should sound. I expect it to have luscious greenery, all year round, good warm weather and more. The fresh air, the songs of the birds from the coast, the monkeys and chirping, sounds like I would be in the Amazon, without the Pumas and the Anaconda.


I would love to conclude that visiting Kilwa, Lake Natron and Lake Tanganyika could be plans I could definitely accomplish not to forget Lake Victoria, which holds such huge fishes, ones that probably weigh more than my arm, that I would love to see.

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