As a child I was told many stories that I grew up making them apart of my life, but mostly I was always told myths by my fellow mates, society or even at home. It’s a tradition in our part of the world. Most parents would tell us these myths as folktales or just simple belief. Work on these dear readers and see if you can crack them open, may be they hold wisdom.

  1. Do not wear red when it rains because lightning strikes the person wearing red
  2. Do not swallow any seed or a plant will grow on your head
  3. If you stare at the wielding light with naked eyes you will be blind
  4. The lion is giving birth when it rains but the sun still shines at the same time
  5. If an owl visits a house of a sick person they are bound to die
  6. When a child grows first teeth from upper gums other than lower, there is trouble lingering
  7. If you sleep with dirty feet the witches will summon you to work in their farm all night and return you by morning with dirty feet (but you won’t notice because they were dirty before you went to bed).
  8. If your hands are itchy, you will pick up money
  9. If you play with the shadow, it will slap you.
  10. When someone is sitting with outstretched legs and you take a step over their legs, they will be short. Only way to reverse it is take another step over their legs back
  11. When you see a flock of white birds in the sky, call out to them and sing a request for a white spot on your nail. (You will get it and it will look like this. Yes we wanted it to look like this).

Few myths went out of hand and I am ashamed to have once believed in them, for example:
Spit on your chest when you see an albino, or you will be like them
It didn’t make much sense when I was a kid to do this; I used to question it all the time until I finally stopped it. I am guilty of doing such a shameless practice once or twice, now my view is changed, no more blind following the traditions because this myth is disrespectable in every way. It is up to me to stop this myth from the next generation but some few are just too good not to pass them on… out kids we are coming with lies to infuse anxiety in you, learn it the hard way * insert evil laugh *
Thank you for reading. Ask away all your doubts.

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