Mourning My lose

The world has ended! The apocalypse has begun! The world needs to know what has happened in my life and share in my pain. Beloved blazers I ask for your condolences on the loss my beloved phone which disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the 5th of September 2018, having served to the best of its abilities for 4 years of my life. This couldn’t have come at a worse time; my laptop’s out of commission and I lack the wifi connectivity to connect my iPad to the net. It’s only been
day 2 of this deplorable situation and it’s safe to say I’m slowly losing it. Here’s the thing I have been able to survive almost entire days without internet connection but the comfort of knowing that I still had my phone with me was enough.

I don’t want to be that person who can’t function without their phone but here I am facing this conundrum. Hear me out though, a phone is more than just a box that allows you to connect to the internet and IM your friends, more than a means to call and SMS (for those who still do that), it’s your faithful companion. It’s the closest camera you have in hand for when you want to capture that insta worthy picture, the only notebook with you to jot down that important note, the mp3 player you always have with you, your portable library with all your favourite reads, the only watch you carry with you that wakes you up in the morning and the most crucial for me; the one thing that introverts like myself can turn to for company during social settings.

Living these last couple of days without all that I’ve mentioned has not been easy, whenever I get a photo inspiration I’ve had to file it away while I break in the inside, I’ve resorted to using pen and papers as memos, turned to the ancient invention of radio for jam sessions, re-reading old books to pass the time and find myself on long bus rides without the comfort of my phone to avoid eye contact with people. 

It’s surprised me really what I’ve missed my phone for, all the functions that I long for have got nothing to with the internet; my camera, my music, and my books. Sure I miss social media, updating my stories and snaps, but I can be perfectly fine with a dead lifeless box as long as I could escape into a safe bubble with my music in my ears, book in hand and the luxury of clicking your camera away.

Being phoneless has made me more aware of other people AND their phones, calling, chatting, surfing, snapping all of it…and it hurts. Granted I’ve been forced to talk more and engage with people, which is good (maybe), but I will definitely jump at the first phone that comes my way. 

Imagine if you will, even if it hurts, you no longer have your phone…what is a phone to you?

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