Confronting them Demons

Fears. Confrontation. Disney characters confront their fears. Hollywood artistes confront them too. But, is it really as easy as they make it seem, no process or anything just lashing out at your enemy or your boss? Or in another extreme cases, lashing out at your parents because of what you believe in? As a society, where are we heading if you confront  your parents — the people who raised and nurtured you, clothed, fed and taught you the basics?
Confrontation feels like attacking one big wall, whether it is inner confrontation or an external.
The problem with fears is whether you talk about them or complain about them to all around you, they will still exist no matter the case. Talking about them is not the same as removing a band aid – Voilà! It’s gone.
This is not a post on how to deal them, but more about me responding to their existence, giving them the acknowledgement they deserve for I don’t think there is a manual out there on how to ( there could be) tackle them. I just believe that acknowledgement is one step away from ridding myself of them. Same as if someone leaves you, acceptance is first, then comes a step of other processes.

On that note, I happen to know that we should not permit these intangible fears of ours to rule our world. Will we get anywhere doing this, no.
So now, dear readers, I believe that they have been with me long enough. It is now time I did away  with them.


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