I left my heart in that house,

the moment I walked out of that door on that fated day

I lost myself with every step I took as I walked away.

I miss home every single day.

the house that heard my heartiest laughs, my loudest cries and saw my beautiful side,

Are you familiar with the saying “home is where my heart is” well for my case, home is where my life is. I don’t know how to live anymore; all the attempts I took to build a new are falling as I hope to survive by myself. I was wrong; I can’t make another home here or even a hut, a safe haven at least.
Nothing can grow from this pain.

8,000 km away from all that I know, all that I love, all that loves me, I now stand alone. I now fall on my own. There is nothing amazing about growing up, it’s all exaggerated!

People say far from family you learn to be independent, you grow and mature, but you also get broken, bruised and beaten. You appreciate the small things in life, may be that’s the lesson. The giggle from your little sister at your dad’s joke wasn’t a giggle, it was happiness. The smell of your moms cooking in your room didn’t mean it’s time for dinner, it was love. The arguments with your dad about Messi vs Ronaldo weren’t annoying, they were memories. Now it’s you arguing with your thoughts about whether you are fine or not.
There are a few positives about growing away from home but once weighed against the negatives, all those late night with friends, the freedom to sing loudly, dress as you like, the freedom to shop without being nagged seem quite small.
In getting to find yourself you don’t have to travel miles, in getting to drown you don’t have to be far away.
It’s all an individual situation, and mine is like how you just read it.

Thank you

I miss you all,

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