Good day to you! Today I want to write about rain, *the title couldn’t be more obvious right?* So what about rain? That I looooooveeeeee it, yes love with lots of o’s and e’s. So it has not been raining for a while here & when it rains it’s heavy and harsh not the sort of shower you can walk under and pretend you are in a Bollywood movie. Nah when it rains here, it’s serious.

It was the week before the finals and I heard that it would rain heavily in this mountainous area but I brushed it off because the weather forecast always gets it wrong…duh except when it is serious or a warning, they are never wrong, we thank you for that. Ok, I am losing track, sorry. So, I was preparing for my finals trying to study with my window open then I look up to see beautiful dark clouds, birds chirping, the wind blowing. Have a look for yourself in the following video.

I just sat there admiring it and at the same time feeling scared because hello…thunder! Lightning! Yet it felt like therapy to my soul as I had been immersed in my studies far from home for months now. A little rain can wash away sadness, cheesy but yessss.

That was my view, locked in my room as it’s not appropriate in this culture to go out but I did try to take a little walk until I saw the lightning again. Suddenly I found myself in my room gasping for air. What followed was hours of me sitting beside the window with one hand trying to feel the rain and admiring mother nature instead of flipping the books. Procrastination you all! Summing it up it has been a beautiful weather change for a couple of days and I am thankful for that.

How is the weather in your city right now?

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