So, I’m on a writing challenge.
This is the first topic that I have to write about, but I have been postponing it, and I have been staring at a blank page for three days (nothing new there), until now. This why I keep on doing challenges, they keep me grounded for a max of three days then they die a silent death.
Anyways, I realize that one of the problems I was facing to write this, was the title itself. One of the reasons being, there is nothing wrong with social media.
Social media is beautiful. Insanely so.

The creativity behind it, and the fact that people all around the world can just communicate through a medium is – to me – magic.
Social media shows one of the many magic things that a human brain can do. What can come out of creativity shows us that ‘impossibility’ is just an illusion. Possibilities lie e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.
This is how I view social media on the bright side.
On the other side, there is human beings. Us. Just like how we can (and do) create beautiful things, we are also the ones who create the ugly side of things. Let’s face it, it’s a balance that cannot be denied. To every beauty, there must be a beast. It’s how we know the difference.
So, today, I shall instead, name the problems of how human beings use or view social media.



Social media is like a perfectly curated movie. Social media is just part of the life that people actually live in. Nobody posts horrible photos of themselves on social media (at least mostly sane people don’t).

It’s a creative medium.

You tweak and edit photos to make them pretty, and then post them. You choose, think and script the captions that you would like to write. It’s just like how movies are perfectly planned and executed by directors and their whole team. Movies portray real life stories, but the characters and everything in it is not necessarily real to the story. Social media portrays the good parts, the one side of every person’s story; and that is not necessarily their entire story, so quit judging. Just appreciate what is shared with you, and move on.


I think this is quite the contrary (At least for me)

I know for a fact, in my part, that I am able to enjoy a place or a moment more when I can take pictures. When I can freeze and create that moment on screen. A moment otherwise gone, I can look at it again after a long time and feel that sense of nostalgia. That I had been. A moment that I would one day share with the next generation. A moment of happiness. A moment of sadness. A moment, I can share with people I love, who were not able to share that moment with me. A story in visual process.

I only have two points for now. Might do a series.

But, how beautiful is social media? We get to see what other people see in their part of the world. How they get to see what we see in our part of the world. How beautiful is it, to share some of the beautiful moments of your lives with the people around you?
The problem I say, is not with social media, the problem lies within the hearts of people that are filled with envy, the hearts of people who share to create jealousy rather than sharing their lives with clear heart and the hearts of people who think that sharing on social media is synonymous to some kind of stigma.
The problem lies in how you choose to use it. Don’t blame social media, but rather, check your self-discipline; and let’s refresh our perception.

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