Be scared

Just like we have different races, language and laughter’swe differ at heart, the keeper of the soul’s secrets. The mistake most of us make is stereotyping the heart to emotions of love, happiness and strength; a heart can do much more than that…A heart need not feel, hope or dream, it can be numb, lost and toxic.

It worries me how the world agrees that these following words are positive and uplifting – follow you heart, meant to define that all the heart is, is innocence that is not to be questioned, just blindly followed. The assumption of what a heart is supposed to be, pure. The inaccuracy of what a heart can achieve, greatness. 

Before you carelessly say these words please stop, stop to think, how many hearts are you addressing? How much do you know about the heart of the other?

There is so much a heart can do; it can heal, it can kill.  There are people out here wanting to end it all, to give up on the mercy of the lord. Tell me what happens when they are told “follow your heart” or “listen to your heart”?

Be very scared who you tell these words to next time; it could be the last thing someone hears. I want you to be scared of the heart.

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